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The Lost World is under your feet. Let it be!

(Dedicated to Stephen Spielberg. True story of dinosaurs today)

72 min

Directed by Mila Kudryashova
THE AIM OF THIS PROJECT: To draw attention to the culture and national peculiarities of some remote regions, in this case in Russia, by using a popular mass media dinosaurs brand, in order to encourage local population and general public to learn out more about blank spaces on the world's map.

Even if you there are no dinosaurs in your region, they should be made up!
Paleontology is a young science about ancient lifeforms which promises to deliver the greatest discoveries of the 21st century.

Russia with its boundless forests and permafrost territory has been studied less than a third. There are still blank spaces marked on its vast lands where no scientist has ever left a trace. Prime stage of this science development in our age of high technologies involves immense possibilities for creativity and scientific breakthrough. However, we are in isolation from the world science context, that is why even the most brilliant local discovery lacks the attention of the public at large.

The awareness of Russian people about paleontological discoveries in their own country today remain the same as in the Medieval time. They refuse local dinosaurs their right to
exist, they fail to believe in them, they fear them like plague. Even triple headed dragon, who lived in in Russia in the epoch of its Baptism, looks more real than a regular Siberian

ornithosaur. Many people think that it is film director Stephen Spielberg from America who made up dinosaurs, so they could not reach us. In our project we intend to prove and to show that million years ago on the Russian territories, there existed dinosaurs related to the characters of Jurassic Park.

There is a yarning gap between the advances of the elite academic science and the Russian backwoods people's historical self-identity. Scientists are concerned with global problems: exploring geological strata for the subsequent research in natural resources, as well as the knowledge of the causes and sequences of crises, which resulted in the change of epochs. The development of popular paleontology is exclusively on the behalf of local enthusiasts, who have to act being totally out of touch with the high-brows science.

To travel to other worlds, you do not need to wait until the invention of time-machine or the spaceships traveling at the speed of light. Studying geological periods, you can travel far away in space and time without leaving your land or time. Paleontology is the only science which gives full historical perspective from the origin of life on Earth to the modern human activity. This is the knowledge of the global historical crisis of the past when over 90 % of life on the planet became extinct. Without modelling of the catastrophes of the past, we will never be able to understand what can we expect in the future with rapidly approaching ecological collapse.

The group of scientists headed by Pavel Skutschas will travel to the lost world of Yakutia. Their mission is to continue the excavations of polar dinosaurs and to tell local people, who take a dinosaur for a fairy tale dragon, about their work. And they also intend to discover something that will turn up the scientific concept of evolution. As a result of our project, every character – a hunter for antiquities will not only travel to a remote region of Russia, but also encounter face to face with their "personal dragon" who asks that poignant question: What are you living for? And it will never let one go until it hears comprehensible answer.

Main character

The main inner conflict of the main character Pavel Skutschas: a true explorer is a provocateur of his/her own life. They are ready to exchange peace and comfort of their lives to the pursuit of a fictional sensation. This feeling of self-discontent and constant search for the unexplored we will call "personal dragon". It eats one from inside. As soon as they manage to defeat it, a new one is born. This is that motivating force of all rescuers of humankind, its pioneers and creators.

The personages of the project are to be the paleontologists, taking part in the expedition and local people from Yakut villages, who help excavations as they are the keepers of national culture and epos associated with Yakut Dragons. The project on Yakut dinosaurs will allow to combine the efforts of scientists and open new prospective of this unique land.

The expedition to Yakutia
Can dinosaurs which lived millions of years ago change for the better the life of modern
citizens of mega polices and remote parts of our country? Definitely. We shall disclose
their positive influence taking polar dinosaurs of Suntar usul of Sakha republic (Yakutia)
as an example.

The remains of the proto creatures were found here (Republic Sakha (Yakutia), Suntar
ulus, small river Taetae) in 1960. However, until not long ago, the researches had been
made by a Yakut scientist, a geology mineralogy PhD Piotr Colosov with the help of
local youth from Khoro village. It was only in 2017 that they managed to organize an
expedition for both Yakut and Saint-Petersburg explorers. At the present moment we
can certainly prove that both herbivorous and carnivorous dinosaurs habituated on the
territory of Yakutia about 145-125 million years ago.

Thanks to these works, Yakutia can become recognized not only as the Motherland of
mammoths but also as the land of polar dinosaurs. However, our project is not solely
concerned with scientific activity – it is a privilege of experts, but also with the social
significance of this polar scientific experiment taking place in Yakutia. On the one hand,
we want to fix the stages of the final expedition, which can bring us closer to the world
discovery. On the other hand, our project is to research within socio-cultural factor of
consolidation of the peoples in researching experiment and getting unique results
thanks to this cooperation.

This project can help radically change the attitude of the native population towards their own land. Since every span of this perpetually frozen soil keeps the mystery of the
evolution of life on Earth.

Nature landmark DINOSAUR